You might not like listening to advice, but there are things that can be helpful to learn. I will be the first to admit that I am not a genius. However, I have picked up a few life lessons in my life. You might find something in this list that can help you. Without further adieu, let us begin:

1. Never stop learning.

There is always something new to discover. It is important to acquire more and more knowledge for your brain to grow. Do not just study to get a good grades. Study to master information that is going…

5 tips for people who have ADHD from someone with ADHD

ADHD is not taken seriously. In general, mental health is not treated with the respect it deserves as a science.

  • Many people with mental disorders are not treated with dignity as valued members of society.
  • Despite this, many of these individuals continue to find ways to be better members of their communities.

I think I should start by explaining my background with ADHD. I was diagnosed with it when I was an adult. My whole life I have struggled with this condition, without ever knowing why it was so…

Please do not scroll past this article!

Everyone has at least heard of Excel before. We are going to look over some basic tips to help you use it better, using fun examples. So, to make learning easier, let’s imagine this scenario.

Let's say, Poison Ivy has a new super evil plan. She wants to brainwash the Justice League. Now, I know what you are thinking. These types of plans never work. Why is Poison Ivy doing this? Look, this is not a good time. Harley and Ivy had a tremendous fight. Some weirdo keeps sending her weird fan mail again. She needs a huge win, okay…

Five movies that remind me of Wonder Woman

Here is a fun fact about me! My favorite superhero is Wonder Woman. My favorite anti-hero is Harley Quinn, but that is a topic for another day. Here is another fact. Like any normal human being, I have been binge-watching during the holidays. I wanted to make a list of some movies I watched that remind me of Wonder Woman. You might like some films on this list. I have never done a top-five list before, but I thought it would be fun. To be specific, these are the movies that remind…

Are video games more popular than ever?

With everything going on, everyone deserves a break from real life. Something to distract us from the miserable everyday life. One of these past times has been video games. I have a unique history when it comes to this topic. As a kid, I did like playing video games that much.

My parents got me a used Wii for one birthday and a PSP for another one. I could not bring myself to play it much. It seemed like a strange hobby. Something that could not possibly be for me. I was also…

Exploring how LGBT representation in cartoons has evolved over the years in the west.

LGBTQ is an acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, asexual, and queer. For a long time throughout history, it was illegal to be part of the LGBTQ community. People used to think being gay or lesbian meant that you were crazy. As you can imagine, this was reflected in our media.

All of this is known. However, what happened to the media when LGBTQ was finally legal? In the interest of being more specific, how much did cartoons change once being LGBTQ was legal? How is LGBTQ represented now in cartoons?

Before we focus on that, it is important to…

Why an avatar fan should watch Legend of Korra (and why they shouldn’t)?

This is the start of a new series that we are working on. Here, we will talk about the positive and negative aspects of a popular show.

Netflix is one of the most popular platforms. Everyone has their favorite show and will recommend them to death. Tell me, what show have your friends been begging to watch the most? Chances are, this show is Avatar the Last Airbender.

Avatar the Last Airbender is one of the greatest cartoons of the 2000s. You probably heard about to death why it is good at this point. People love this show. Since Netflix…

It’s okay! You can scroll past this article if you want. But, you are missing out. Believe it or not, there are things you don’t know about Microsoft Word.

Now, you might think that this is not true. After all, people of all ages write documents in Microsoft Word all the time. You have been using it for years. What more is there to learn? Well… Here is the thing.

While Microsoft Word is an easy program that anyone can use, it still has a few features that are underrated. These are really useful tools. Using these features can make…

Gaming has been on the rise recently. More people are playing video games for longer periods. It has become such an important part of so many lives. As such, it might be important to look at how the digital world is affecting the real one. To examine this idea better, we will take a look at people who spend most of their time in their computer set-up.

We have talked before about how video games can improve your mental health. However, today, we will be on effects video games can have on the mental health of Esports players. For those…

Because of recent events, people have been limiting the amount of time that they spend out. As a result, people have been trying new hobbies. One of these pastimes has been and continues to be playing video games.

According to “The first quarter of 2020… sales hit a record $10.86 billion in the States between January and March of this year, marking a 9% increase over a year prior; $9.58 billion of that figure was from video game content.” Many people are playing video games now and it looks like that is not going to change anytime soon. …

Karina Ramos

Hi! I am your average geek who is here to talk about cartoons that I like. I also give advice sometimes. We are here to have fun and hopefully learn something.

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